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Everyone Deserves Choice.

Skylaski delivers everyone an accessible, secure, and private Internet. We believe Freedom, the Right to Choose protected by Privacy.

Today we do everything online and all aspects of our lives are transmitted across the Internet.

Technology should be an enabler of our rights and freedoms, not an obstacle.

Good Knowledge Builds On Itself.

We proudly offer our services built on amazing, state of the art software and offer our code for anyone who is curious or would like to help us build the future.

We fully support Open Source software as an innovation multiplier.

Freedom Online Starts With Privacy.

The Internet is more personalized and consolidated today than ever. Competition for your attention has created an entire consumer surveillance industry at the consumer's expense.

Skylaski VPN wants you to experience the Internet on your terms.

Knowledge is Power!

Without unfiltered access to knowledege, our choices are limited. Without exposure to new ideas and cultures, our ability to interact and operate in global society is difficult, innovation is hindered, and individual and societal progress stalls.

Skylaski VPN is dedicated to raising general awareness of privacy and security issues that impact all of us online.

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